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With over three decades of experience, our seasoned investment team offers a robust approach to asset management. We're committed to safeguarding investors' interests, steering through the complexities of the financial markets with strategic foresight and integrity, to secure and amplify wealth for generations

+30 years of experience

Rooted in Mongolia's economic liberation, our three-decade journey reflects a robust heritage of market resilience, securing and growing your investments

+20 team members

Our diverse team of 20 professionals brings a collective strength to our investment strategies, ensuring a well-rounded and informed approach to asset management

+10 Avg leadership tenure year

With an average leadership tenure exceeding 10 years, our team exemplifies stability and dedication, fostering a culture of deep-seated expertise and continuous innovation.

Investment principles


Embracing systems engineering, we develop and execute investment strategies with precision, ensuring consistent, high-quality outcomes and growth.

Sustainable Innovation

Investments geared towards nurturing businesses that prioritize environmental stewardship and self-sufficiency, fostering a balance between progress and planetary health.

Regulatory Integrity

Our investment philosophy mandates strict adherence to local and international standards, ensuring every venture upholds the highest legal and ethical benchmarks.

Enduring Growth

We target investments with a vision for long-term prosperity, structured to enrich stakeholders and achieve collective objectives sustainably and effectively.

Knowledge-Centric Ventures

We concentrate on empowering knowledge-based businesses, investing in the intellectual capital that propels industries and societies into the future.

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