Bat-Ireedui Jargalsaikhan
CEO of Gund Investment
Gund Investment
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Presently serving as the CEO of Gund Investment and holding the position of Chairman at Synergy Fund Solutions AMC LLC, he formulates and executes comprehensive strategies for both entities. Bat-Ireedui brings a wealth of experience, having founded UCD LLC, a software development company that later transformed into a Smart City planning company. In this capacity, he played a key role in implementing change management during the company's transition period.

Bat-Ireedui's professional journey has spanned all levels of the MIH Group, covering diverse industries such as real estate, construction, information communication technology, water, and mining. Notably, he was instrumental in the restructuring that led to the formation of Gund Investment.

He is educated in Business Administration, holding a BA in Business from the University of Finance and Economics, MN

Gund Investment
March 14, 2024

Established in 2016, Gund Investment is a family office specializing in investment fund management, propelling growth across finance, education, and technology sectors.

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