Nyamragchaa Dalai
CIO at Gund Investment
Gund Investment
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As the current Chief Investment Officer at Gund Investment, Nyamragchaa leads the strategic decision-making processes for the group's investments. His unique blend of hands-on experience and academic knowledge equips him to drive impactful investment strategies for Gund Investment.

In his previous capacity as the General Manager for Gund's Virtual Reality project, he played a vital role in its initiation, contributing to its successful launch. He served as the Project Manager for diverse initiatives, including the WDT project, Water Purification project, Reverse Desertification project, Peno Block project, and various Renewable Energy projects.

These experiences have honed his expertise in managing multifaceted projects with a focus on innovation and sustainability. He is educated in Financial Management, holding a BA in Finance from the University of Humanities, MN.

Gund Investment
March 14, 2024

Established in 2016, Gund Investment is a family office specializing in investment fund management, propelling growth across finance, education, and technology sectors.

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